Share Your Humanity by Volunteering with ISFH

Lakhs and Crores of the underprivileged in India are suffering to fulfill their fundamental rights. ISFH Foundation believes that society proactive involvement is the key for development. We inspire and invite every humanity enthusiast to participate in ISFH activities as a volunteer. Register your profile with ISFH Foundation by filling the form and take an active role in sharing the organization’s vision and mission. Volunteer for NGO and share humanity by standing as a backbone of ISFH Foundation.

Field teams

Field Teams are direct participants of the ISFH Foundation programs and activities. We offer various services for the underprivileged in the nation, including hunger, healthcare, income inequality, unemployment, child education, and poverty. Indeed volunteers of the ISFH Foundation possess a solid commitment to serving humanity for the people in need. ISFH field team works for natural calamity and disaster management programs and campaigns. Any individual can register as a Volunteer with ISFH Foundation, and based on your qualification and employment status, we set different tasks for the volunteers. Register here to be a part of the ISFH Field Team.

Donation camps

In developing countries similar to India, the majority of the impoverished live in urban slums and villages. They struggle for their breadwinning and face hurdles to support their families. The below poverty line individuals will be in different kinds of needs in daily life. The ISFH Team will collect the new clothes, blankets, electronic equipment, and other unused things in the home, and these are provided to the marginalized and underprivileged who are in the most need of the items. We conduct camps throughout the nation to collect the items. We call every humanitarian to help the poor by lending your support. Register as an ISFH Volunteer to work on nationwide donate camps.

Disaster Preparedness & Relief

The success of disaster management depends upon the combination of technology usage, expertise, knowledge, management skills, practical experiences, and institutional capacities to get optimum results, and these will go hand-in-hand with the right collaboration between civil society and state or nation. We need people to collaborate with the disaster survivors. ISFH Foundation considers disaster management as the foremost organizational need for the nation. We set a code of conduct on preparing and responding to national calamities, floods, etc. Our disaster management team works at the national and state level to respond on time during an emergency and needy times. To strengthen the future of India, we need committed volunteers to fight against disasters and calamities. Join ISFH Disaster Management Team.