Child Education

Lakhs of poor children in India are not able to write their names due to illiteracy. They need to end their lives in the cycle of poverty from generation to generation. The effects of illiteracy are severely impacting the growth of our nation. Often the uneducated face problems like poverty, malnutrition, oppression, and health ailments.
We must focus on child education to remove the roots of poverty and ill-effects. ISFH Foundation works from the grassroots to ensure children will achieve the privilege of the right to education. ISFH Education Mission improves the lives of underprivileged children by supplying their end-to-end educational needs from KG to PG. Progress of children is the headway to strengthen our national economy. Participate in our mission to gift happy life to needy and impoverished children.

Quality Education for Children

We identify the cause from the grassroots by understanding their living conditions. ISFH Foundation supplies the whole education needs of underprivileged children. We provide financial assistance to the students along with educational kits that include school bags, uniforms, books, and stationary. We ensure that no child will drop out of school due to financial challenges. ISFH lends support to the 29 state children of India deprived of education.

Be a Partner of Change

ISFH Foundation inspires to build a powerful child education system for the poor and needy. Thousands and lakhs of children in the urban, rural, and remote areas don’t have facilities to continue their education, and child labor is highly impacting our growth. Stop Child Labor, Malnutrition, Health challenges for the Poverty-stricken Families by raising their kids to receive a quality education. Your bit of effort can be a miracle for needy children. Join us together.