The harsh living conditions of the poor disheartens us as fellow humans. The less privileged people live on roadsides, footpaths, bridges, and inside the subways and crave food and clothes. The poor people don’t have basic privileges to eat, wear, and sleep like normal human beings. These poverty-stricken conditions are deteriorating the economic growth of the nation. ISFH Foundation addresses this challenge through its poverty mission to strengthen our nation and its people.
To make India a developed country, removing poverty from roots must be the primary concern. Poor people can’t fulfill their dreams due to their weak finances. ISFH Poverty Mission is entitled to turn the underprivileged sorrows into joy by providing their food, clothes, and shelter needs. We dream of changing the impoverished lives to earn dignity irrespective of their living and financial conditions. We fight against poverty and instill hope in the lives of below the poverty line people by invoking humanity.

Poverty Mission

  • Nutritious food to the hunger victims for a full-day 
  • We help the poor to wear dignity clothes 
  • Gifts the homeless a comfortable and safe shelter  
  • Works for the poverty-less nation 
  • Runs humanitarian programs to eliminate poverty 

Justice for The Poor

Help transform the lives of the poverty-stricken by supporting ISFH Foundation’s poverty mission. The program is a life-saver campaign to fight for food, clothes, and shelter for all. Become a member of the ISFH Foundation to eradicate poverty in all forms. We fulfill the privileges of the poor and help us to keep making more efforts.