Provision of unemployment is a path to end poverty. The severity of the unemployment is profoundly hurting the nation. India has educated individuals, and they can’t attain jobs due to the lack of skills. Good quality of education plays a vital role in grabbing great employment opportunities. Our students are not meeting the criteria of well-paid jobs, and underprivileged families are the direct victims of this challenge.
We find lakhs and crores of unemployed are wandering for a dignified job. To solace the impoverished, unemployed needs, ISFH Education Mission opens the door to earn good jobs by conducting free skill development training for multiple categories, including technical and non-technical. We act as a ladder of gaining well-qualified jobs for the below poverty line youth at zero cost. Our services run throughout India, including the rural, remote, and urban regions.

Unemployment Mission

  • Ensure the underprivileged children to undergo an  economic, social, and personal transformation 
  • Identify the education skill gaps to get esteemed  employment  
  • Make the poor youth become self dependent and get a well-paid job   
  • Offer a lifetime earning potential for the disadvantaged 
  • Support vulnerable youth from unemployment or  underemployment 

Take Part in Us

ISFH Education Mission-inspired to provide future hope for the poverty-stricken youth by conducting free skill development programs in India. To defeat poverty and associated social disparities, raising the income of the poor is the greatest weapon. Join as a member of the ISFH Foundation to overcome the unemployment challenges in the nation. One Good Employment can Change Total Family Living Conditions.

Welfare’s purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence