ISFH Foundation - A Non-Profit Organization

"Your Greatness Is Not What You Have, But What You GIVE."

Our actions hold more power than our words. Your kind words and compassionate efforts can indeed create wonders.  It is all about that one act of humanity to alter countless lives. ISFH Foundation is a Non-profit Organization, prioritizing mass welfare for India with united efforts of compassion. We bridge social gaps between people and uniquely work to build a unified nation. Unemployment, Income Inequality, Poverty, Child Education, Hunger, and Health remains six major grounds of work. Prioritizing these people's welfare in need, we come together to process massive strategies that can change many lives forever.

ISFH Foundation - Registered under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013

ISFH Foundation is registered as a non-profit organization under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013. Our establishment is composed to serve the Nation's Biggest crisis points, generating profits from a well built, powerful business plan. India Stands For Humanity professes to stand for Nobel welfare causes only after satisfying the Central Government and abiding by our nation's laws.

ISFH Foundation - Promoting CARE

The action plan of the ISFH Foundation is incredibly strategic. Building relationships is the main tool that we assign in our business intellect. Choosing a career that brings you both fulfillment in health and wealth is too much to expect in today's rat racing world. However, at ISFH, we choose to change the formula of success. Our model focuses on engaging the members and their teams to connect with family, friends, and colleagues and promote a cause of national welfare.

When you stretch your hand to help, you are answering someone's prayer. As you take care of India, we promise to take the best care of you. The current COVID situation across the globe has showcased the power of CARE much efficiently. One individual, one act of care, one connection can make a world of difference. ISFH encourages joining members to build connections and promote the greater benefits that actions of love, kindness, and care can bring to one and all. Indians for India, people for people, and doors of fulfilling career, massive success, social welfare, and better India open up. We promise you real-time results in return to precious investment of your smart efforts and quality time. ISFH Foundation promises a very worthy and win-win journey for every member associated.

Register on the ISFH Foundation website and develop your team. Connect and promote the cause of national welfare. Wealth will follow you for a lifetime when your service will solve mass problems. You got the power to make a difference!

Our Categories


Let's create work for the unemployed and a brilliant India will follow!

Income Inequality

If you want to see a change in income inequality, create it with your wealth ability.

Child Education

Educate the youth, if you want your nation to improve


Your love for the nation, can change poverty into prosperity.


If advanced technology can conquer space , Advanced network marketing can also conqure Hunger.


Health is the money, we learn to value mostly on the verge of losing it!

Joining Benefits

Benefit 1

The easy online registration process with a nominal one-time entry fee is all that one pays.

Benefit 2

Every confirmed member registered on the ISFH website can add an unlimited number of people in their team to promote the cause.

Benefit 3

Guaranteed gifts and ISFH merchandise is specially designed for all members, will reach their doorstep.

Benefit 4

100% of the company profits go for public welfare.

Benefit 5

Our organization is totally developed in India and functions for major six welfare causes.

Benefit 6

The organization is a remarkable career choice for all willing to join. No stated academic qualification exists.

Benefit 7

One can choose to work from any part of the nation, for any amount of time. Choose smart work over hard work!

Benefit 8

Join ISFH Foundation to make your country a superpower of tomorrow.

ISFH Foundation - Welfare Ideology

' Service Is The Greatest Act Of Grace. '

At ISFH Foundation, our quality of service remains the highest priority. We welcome your tiniest efforts as we choose to serve the nation is a unique way.   A varied perspective of the world from crisis to Opportunity is all it takes to spread your arms and welcome the change.  It is high time for brand new non-profit organizations to take action and initiate inspired actions and make a difference.

Every child deserves quality education, a healthy meal, and timely health care facilities. Every other citizen in the country deserves to work and earn their share of income and fight poverty. Every individual deserves to live a life full of hope and health. ISFH Foundation is encouraging You to join the technological structure for the noblest causes. When Indians stand strong and unified to create the nation of their dreams, Peace is possible.

“Welfare’s purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its existence.”