We need passionate volunteers to work for our field teams

Volunteers are the success behind every event conducted by ISFH Foundation. We run local, seasonal, statewide, and nationwide events, and the activities of the volunteers vary from multiple positions such as field reset, distribution, crowd management, safety, and crowd control. The field team volunteers will receive preliminary training for the future program, and the positions are offered based on the employment and qualification to handle the people conveniently.

Volunteering with ISFH Foundation is a fantastic opportunity to realize energizing and inspiring environment. The volunteers will dedicate a few hours of time, knowledge, and skills to support humanity. Work with India’s humanity-driven NGO and grow as a leader by helping the underprivileged transform their lives. ISFH Foundation is a nonprofit that contributes support for national challenges. We operate throughout India, including urban urban-slums, rural and remote locations wherever help is needed.

ISFH Foundation Volunteers’ functional areas involve healthcare, child education, hunger, income inequality, unemployment, and poverty. We are looking for individuals to support our works and make a difference in marginalized and impoverished lives. If you want to be a changemaker in society? Then joining ISFH Foundation is a good choice. Fill the volunteer registration form to be a part of our field teams.

Helping others leads to altruistic experiences, and volunteer opportunities ensure to achieve this. Volunteering with ISFH gives surprising benefits like introducing friends, instill happiness, and learning new skills. It protects your physical and mental health, reduces stress, helps overcome depression, and reveals a sense of purpose. Volunteering is an option you can choose, either long-term or short-term. Open the doors for a healthy and happy lifestyle by joining the ISFH Foundation.