Disaster Management Team

India is prone to disasters and vulnerable to natural calamities based on its geographical positioning, and the disaster types include earthquakes, floods, tsunami, cyclones, pandemics, epidemics, and other emergency conditions. We must give utmost importance to disaster preparedness as our major cultivable land is prone to disasters. The reasons for disasters are changing demographics, unplanned urbanization, environmental degradation, high-risk zones, and other socio-economic conditions.

These disasters impact numerous livelihoods and lives if we are not prepared to manage them effectively. ISFH Foundation focuses on addressing and responding to disasters on time as an act of humanity. Volunteers are required to rescue or save people during disasters and emergency times. We take the responsibility to prepare, respond, and rebuild people’s lives by facilitating quality education, livelihood, and healthcare after a disaster.

The disaster management team of the ISFH Foundation will undergo training to face the disaster effectively. We focus on saving the people from the disaster and helping to survive the victims by supplying their living needs like food, shelter, and other living needs. ISFH Foundation adheres to all hygiene and safety measures during its programs by considering the survivors’ protection and safety.

Register your profile as a part of the disaster management team of ISFH Foundation by filling the form. There is an immense need to fight against natural calamities and provide assistance for pandemic and disasters sufferers in our country. To solace these requisites, we set particular code of conduct for volunteers to meet the rescue team’s quality standards. Alongside, ISFH conducts door-to-door services to protect the people during crises. Join ISFH Volunteer Team Now.