There is a Hope for the Poor Children with ISFH Foundation

Millions of poor children in India do not enjoy the necessities like clean water, food, medicine, sanitation, education, shelter, fun, books, family, love, and laughter. As we know the statement- if there is a will, then there can be numerous ways to achieve it. Volunteering, donating to a charity, or raising funds for charity are simple and effective ways to help poor children. These children are denied human rights by being poor; hence we must focus on child education to help the underprivileged children. No effort made with dedication is too large or too small to make. ISFH Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering underserved communities in India. The
organization aims to fulfill the educational needs of the deprived children. Let’s explore the ways to help poor children through ISFH Foundation.

#1 Education 

Many of us think that where the money will go after donating to a charity or nonprofit. ISFH Foundation will spend 100% of the donated amount on the cause. Minor amounts from a large pool of individuals accumulate sufficient money to bring some good change. Hence your donations for the ISFH Education Movement will be helpful and utilized for offering a bright future to poverty-stricken children.

ISFH Education Movement

The organization distributes education kits and dispenses education-related expenses to complete their studies, and the kit includes books, stationery, school bags, etc. ISFH supports KG to PG education of the aspired students of low-income categories, and students can choose any course of their choice. Eradication of poverty and illiteracy are the motives of the ISFH Education Movement.

#2 Healthcare 

Education enlightens the wisdom of humans; hence the educated can provide the best to their children. Education teaches healthcare practices for happy survival like hygiene maintenance, clean water, nutritious food, and family organization. Healthy children are part of a healthy nation; hence we immensely keep an eye on healthcare standards while raising the children. Poor children are prone to contagious diseases due to a lack of knowledge. We need educated mothers; hence the promotion of girl child education is a paramount concern for India.

#3 Volunteer with ISFH Foundation

Volunteering looks like a free service, but it’s heart work and needs a lot more effort and time. A lot more poor children in India are deprived of human rights due to a lack of resources and money. Their parents are poor or abandoned; hence they are deprived of human rights. To help those children to fulfill their rights, you can join ISFH Foundation’s Education Movement. You can distribute the education kits, uniforms, school bags, medicine, and tasks for the education-related event.

For more activities of the ISFH Foundation, you can visit our blog or social media platforms such as Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. We reach the supporters either directly or through digital media. Education is a genuine cause that teaches survival skills to handle society. You can get the details of our past events on the ISFH events page, and we’ll provide more information if you need it. To donate to the ISFH Education Movement, please check our upcoming events page. You can donate online or through a cheque, and your details are secured with us.

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