Tulsi Healthcare Movement to Offer Quality Healthcare for Poor in India

Healthcare is a dream for the poor or underprivileged in our country. They can’t access needful medical services irrespective of the place they live. The rural poor don’t have access to quality public healthcare, whereas the urban poor can’t afford premium health services. Whatever may be the case, the poor are deprived of health rights in the nation. We need to accept that our country is in the severe struggle to bear the loss due to the pandemic, and our economy drops down to 2019 values. Lots of souls were lost during the pandemic, and most of them are poor. There are many more reasons for this: poor people can’t maintain hygiene, don’t have a valid health insurance policy, and get limited aid and schemes from the government.

Need for Tulsi Healthcare Movement  

Many more helpful government health schemes exist, and NGOs and nonprofits struggle to offer needed healthcare for the poor. Day by day, the needs are growing, and there is a lot more burden for maintaining the services. When the whole nation feels difficult and a lot more help is done to the poor and needy by some humanitarians. Tulsi Healthcare Movement is a humanitarian health program initiated to serve the poor in India. The program provides free access for the poor to receive quality health services in private hospitals.

Highlights of Tulsi Healthcare 

● Free hospitalization services
● Free Treatment and medical bills
● Disburses travel expenses
● Bears post-medical treatment expenses
● It covers end-to-end healthcare finances

ISFH Foundation Role in Tulsi Healthcare Movement

Tulsi Healthcare is the ISFH Foundation’s project, and it is a nonprofit organization inspired to serve the poor through humanity support. It is a platform to save and help the lives deprived of human rights, and the Tulsi Healthcare Movement aims to offer quality health services to the poor. Anyone in India who is suffering to treat their health due to weak finances can access Tulsi Healthcare Benefits. ISFH derives from- India Stands For Humanity; the name speaks its intention and calls for humanity to serve the nation. ISFH is a united humanity platform where any poor has the privilege to take help. You can share your experience with us or inquire on the ISFH website to contribute your efforts to Tulsi Healthcare.

Ways to Contribute Efforts to ISFH Foundation

● Join as ISFH Member
● Become a Volunteer
● Support Our Efforts on Social Media or Word of Mouth

We are the country where most poor people live throughout the nation, and India is known as the country of poor people. We have shortages of funds for education, healthcare, hunger, income inequality, etc. If we didn’t prepare to set the future for our next generations, then we’ll end in poverty today or tomorrow. It is the right time to take action on poverty and denial of health rights for the poor. Join ISFH Foundation to support the Tulsi Healthcare Movement, and we work until we overcome the shortage of quality healthcare provision for the poor.

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