Poverty Levels are Surging in India due to Lockdown

Millions of employees are losing their jobs soon after lockdown, and they become poor. Since the beginning of unprecedented lockdown, the social, economic, and medical crises. The whole nation went on forced lockdown for a couple of months. Businesses were temporarily or permanently closed and severely impacted the conditions like job losses, and family income was at a humanitarian crisis at the peak stages. It has strongly hit the falling economy from the last few quarters. If the primary income earners in the families losses income, then the impact will be more upon the remaining family members living without financial support. Millions of poor/ low-income families are facing poverty due to the unprecedented lockdown in the country.

Facts of Poverty After Lockdown  

The United Nations reports say that the poor people’s count is more than 364 million, and it is proportional to 28% of the Indian Population. These numbers will increase due to the job losses & business losses, thus leading to a livelihood loss for many in the country. Poverty in India has been increased severely due to the impact of Covid-19. The reports say that 71 million people drag to poverty throughout the globe, and the figures may change to 100 million in the worst case. The international average income of the poor is 150 rupees per day, and it is more than 200 rupees before the lockdown.

Is 2021 A Challenging Year

The 2020 year became an extremely challenging year for everyone, including the government, businesses, ordinary people, and wealthy persons. It’s because lockdown weakened the Indian economy to a severe extent. To stay ahead, we need to increase the income levels and help the poor come into the normal state. We must lift the people from poverty to foresee a visible difference in their lifestyle. It will be a super challenging task for anyone, and united efforts of the government and people should come forward to make a move. Even during 2021, we don’t have clarity that we are set free from the pandemic; still, the wave of covid-19 is stirring up amid our land. Here some nonprofits took the challenge to save the people from the pandemic by contributing efforts to the nation.

We may think the problem is high enough to save lives, but the small deeds take a significant role in defeating the struggle; one small act of kindness for the poor is genuinely a boon companion for our economic growth. Poverty carries uncertainty due to the extensive pandemic spread, and it’s likely challenging to estimate the loss due to poverty after the lockdown. We need to quickly set the economic activities such as creating jobs and helping the small businesses to restart.

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