End Poverty in India -Empower Children and Society

World poverty is invading the globe due to the pandemic and lockdown effect. There is an immense need to empower children, families, and communities deprived of minimum requirements to lead comfortable lives. World poverty day reminds us to eradicate poverty across the globe, and it’s been conducted on October 17 every year. Poverty in India leads to denying the human rights of every child and person, such as civil, economic, cultural, social, and political rights. The world poverty mission aims to provide sustainable livelihood fulfillment for humans without any underlying deprivation of happy and everyday life. It will eventually help to meet their own needs and promote the ability to the future generations.

Keys to End World Poverty  

Eradication of child poverty is the primary key to end poverty in India as these kids will become family in the future and spread chronic poverty. Hence ending child poverty is the mandatory urge for the nation to defeat poverty in India. We can empower the children by helping their education and supplying their needs to receive a quality education.

In India, 25000 people are dying daily on average due to poverty and hunger. Hence poverty is considered a violation of people’s rights. We must solve the hunger in the nation by supplying the needful food to the deprived ones alongside helping to raise their income. Feeding the poor requires a lot more money and effort; hence increasing their potential to earn enables them to decrease poverty. Malnutrition is a never-ending process as lots of the poor don’t have access to nutritious food. Due to this, child mortality rates, child stunting, and pregnancy complications move up in the country. We must start hunger relief campaigns to solve hunger in India.

Whereas healthcare is a significant worry for the poor as 90% of the low-income or no-income people in India don’t have any healthcare insurance. They often crave for their livelihood, and spending money on healthcare is almost impossible for them. The central government offers a few healthcare benefits for the under-poverty-line people, but it will not cover their total expenses. We need a healthcare policy for the poor that covers a to z of their health expenses, including travel, treatment, medical, diagnosis, etc.

Unfortunately, some terms and conditions apply to many healthcare policies, and we need to introduce transparent healthcare for the well-being of low-income families. These people become poorer by spending from their own pockets. Free healthcare policy for the poor is the best way to solve the health problems below the poverty line.

Multidimensional Poverty in India

Compared to 2005-06 poverty in India stats, 2015-16 has the reduced numbers. Still, there is 370 million poor under the multidimensional poverty line, whereas it was 641 million in the previous years. Multidimensional poverty considers lack of minimum livelihood access such as lack of education, poor health, food deprivation, etc., factors to measure poverty. To end poverty, we must focus on improving the factors that influence poverty.

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