Best Way to Deal with the Underprivileged Child Education in India

India’s population is more than one billion, and the strange fact is that one-third of Indians can’t read. The biggest education challenge is the growing population, lack of basic facilities, teachers’ shortage, and inadequate funds to provide quality education in India. These are the significant concerns blocking child education in India. According to research, 30% plus educational funds are spent on higher education by weakening India’s primary education. Our nation stands in 4th place with the highest number of children never been visited any primary school, due to this reason children in the age of primary education are prone to illiteracy, and poverty.

Factors behind Child Labor  

Education may take second place in one’s life when there is a deprivation of human needs and a lack of human rights as livelihood takes a prominent place and family members’ well-being matters at the end of the day. Most of the underprivileged child education in India is thin because they need to send their children to fulfill their livelihood needs. Education is a luxury for India’s vulnerable people, and this will pass to their future generations and give no opportunity to break the poverty cycle.

Discrimination of girl education in India is highly suppressing the right to child education. Social issues, class, caste, and economic condition of the parents influence girl education by denying the education opportunities of the female gender. Breaking girl education and child labor in India are genuine concerns till now. If the same continues, then millions of children will never receive education in India.

The possible solution to end education hassles should be our aim. Education is the critical investment that is immensely needed to raise the economy through a skilled workforce. Well-educated youth only can strengthen the economy of the nation. ISFH Foundation is a nonprofit working for the nation’s welfare, and the organization runs its education mission to develop and educate the underprivileged throughout India. Due to the education gap, many adult workforces in India are under-equipped to get qualified jobs. To build India, we need a skilled workforce that fulfills the demands of the global market. It is an urge for the nation that every child should receive a quality education in India.

ISFH Education Mission for Underprivileged Children  

Moving one step from any corner is a must to foresee the changes in society. ISFH Foundation started the Right to Education Movement to bring underprivileged children changes by supporting their end-to-end educational needs. The education kit of the ISFH Foundation includes school bags, books, pens, and other needful stationary. We also dispense school fees, travel expenses, and survival expenses for the poor children to receive an education without disturbing their study environment. We are here to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, and child labor in India. We welcome anyone who wants to participate in our humanitarian activities through donations, volunteering, and support. Join ISFH Foundation’s Right to Education Movement Now and make something good happen to India’s poor through your small deeds. Welcome to the ISFH Family.

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