Janaki Feeding Movement

Lakhs and crores of people are deprived of food and suffering from malnutrition. ISFH Foundation launched the Janaki Feeding Movement to supply essential food to the marginalized and vulnerable in the form of packaged food, freshly cooked food, and raw grains based on their needs. We aim for zero hunger in India and ensure hunger will not limit the bright future of the citizens.
We strive to feed every hunger victim in all the 29 states of India to provide nutritious and reliable food for the underserved people. The Janaki Feeding Movement supplies healthy meals for a full-day. We maintain safety and hygiene during the food distribution kits to the beneficiaries.
ISFH Foundation is a 100% not-for-profit organization and spends the full amount on the national welfare programs. The movement dreams of making India a hunger-free nation. There is a grave need to stop the ill-effects of rising hunger and malnutrition in the country. Hence ISFH invokes the power of humanity to solve the hunger crisis through the Janaki Feeding Movement.
We are a group of change-makers determined to end our Nation’s hunger crisis through our feeding movement. ISFH provides food security to save the people from hunger. We fulfill the food rights of the underprivileged to heal the hunger problem from the roots. Support our mission to end starvation and malnutrition in the country.