Right to education movement

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About the Program

Education is the soul of one’s life, and its results remain for a lifetime. ISFH Foundation’s Right to Education Movement activities involve educating India’s poor children irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and language. Strengthening people’s grassroots, solving their problems, and building confidence among the rural and underprivileged is our underlying mission. Your donations offered to the education movement will be 100% spent to educate a needy child in India.

We give poor children a chance to win in life by supporting their education from primary to post-graduation until their desire. Let them learn and grow big that eventually leads to an increased economy. Be a helping hand for the Right to Education Movement through your donation and support.

Program Highlights

SFH Foundation’s volunteers have distributed school bags, stationery, and books to the poor children in Ranchi, Jharkhand, on 16 March 2021. The children are India’s future, and it is our responsibility to save them by supporting child education. ISFH takes its delight in empowering underprivileged children’s lives by providing end-to-end support for their educational needs. We provide financial assistance, supply education kits, and associated expenses, including travel, uniforms, digital equipment, along with the required software tools.

Indian children face many problems to continue their education, and they are under the trap of child labor and poverty. Allow them to attend schools with enough gratitude towards the nation by your small lending support to continue or initiate their education.

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