We Identify the Ways to Solve Unemployment in Country

We unlock the doors of opportunity for the poverty-stricken youth in two ways, Offering free skill development training and encouraging their small business ideas. We work to provide the best quality training for vulnerable youth in every state of India. Making the individuals stand self-dependent and self-sufficient is the motive of the youth unemployment mission of ISFH Foundation.
ISFH skill development focuses on helping the unemployed to win in their life. Many families are losing peace due to joblessness and deprivation. Expensive training is a high-hanging fruit to the poor. Hence, ISFH provides a more profound solution to the poverty-stricken long-term problem by supplying the needs to attend digitized classes to receive a quality education.
Our skill development training is entirely digitized, starting from admission, transfer, conducting exams, and more. We offer hassle-free student transfers, i.e., any student can change the training center’s location in their need and continue their course effortlessly. We assist the impoverished youth to get the proper training on relevant skills to get a secured job and a promising career.
Apart from skill development, we also encourage the youth who have the inspiration to start a small business by supporting their business idea exploration, supplying raw materials, business registration, knowledge transfer, etc. We aim to widen the underprivileged employment opportunities by assisting start-up businesses, majorly in rural and urban slums.