Digital Online Classes

Enable Digital Technology Classes to Train Underprivileged

ISFH Foundation is a 100% nonprofit dedicated to helping the underprivileged get good jobs through digital class training. Everyone attending the classroom learns on computers. The Underprivileged are losing opportunities to get good-paying jobs.
Start from the admission, transfer, and exams, and everything is digitized. We offer hassle-free student transfers, i.e., any student can change the training center’s location in their need and continue their course effortlessly. We assist the impoverished youth to get training on skills to get a secured job with a promising career.
We supply the unemployed youth living in rural and remote locations with electronic equipment to comfortably attend online classes. The training classes cover each major category, including English language, Arts & Handicrafts, Computers, etc.
ISFH skill development focuses on helping the unemployed to win in their life. Many families are losing the peace to joblessness and deprivation. Expensive training is a high-hanging fruit to the poor. Hence ISFH provides a more profound solution to the long-term problem for the poverty-stricken.