ISFH Foundation Terms and Condition

  1. Prohibition to use
  2. Obligations
  3. Payment Policy
1. All members must agree that the online platform is to be used only for legal, committing and You strategic purpose. One must approve not tamper with, reverse- engineer or otherwise use the online platform for any purpose for which is not planned encompassing, but not limited to accessing data about registered user store/shared/mention in our website, specifying or attempting to identify other registered user or gaining or attempting to gain entry to the cloud database of the service.
2. ISFH Foundation Private Data shall also mean any and all data accessible to ISFH Foundation and which is not usable in a disseminated form at the Effective Date, including, but not limited to, research ideas, research results, research directions, patents, patent applications, and patent ideas, trade secrets, business models, business forecasts, marketing strategies, financial data, customer lists, investors, contractual relationships, manufacturing proprietary information and documentation, ideas, schematics, sketches, models, know-how, marketing campaigns algorithms, processes, formulae whether or not specifically stated or defined in subsequent paragraphs.
3. It is Important for the ISFH Foundation to protect Its Intellectual Property, Confidential and Proprietary Information to the fullest extent and the customer is willing to comply with following provisions, as part of the Customer’s contract of service/ facility with ISFH Foundation.
4. The Term of use shall be binding in the principle as below; the binding effects of the Term of use shall not be affected by the length of service/facilities between the parties, the reason for terminating the service/facilities relationship between parties and amount of the CUSTOMER’s payment paid by ISFH Foundation. The CUSTOMER shall be liable to his/her obligations under the Term of use after the termination of the Services/facilities for whichever reasons.
5. No Waiver of the breach, failure of condition, or any right or remedy contained in or granted by the provision of this Term of use shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by the party waiving the breach, failure, right or remedy. No waiver by the ISFH Foundation of any breach, failure, right or remedy shall be deemed a waiver of any other breach, failure, right or remedy, whether or not similar, nor shall any waiver constitute a continuing waiver unless the writing so specifies.
6. The displays comprised in the entire Term of use are decided upon and by the parties and supersedes all initial verbal or written negotiations, articulations or Term of uses attained by the Parties pertaining to the subject matter of this Term of use.
7. If a Court of Competent jurisdiction carries any provision of this Term of use to be illicit, unenforceable or ineffective in entire or infraction for any explanation, the existence and enforceability of lasting expenditures or portion of them, is not be influenced.
8. No party has been provoked to immigrate into this written Term of use, nor is any party depending on, any articulation or warranty exterior to those expressly set forward in this term of use.
9. ISFH Foundation owns lawful right to alter, modifies, amend, addendum or any clause of this Term of use without any initial permission.

1.Prohibitions to use

Except for the express written permission of ISFH Foundation, CUSTOMER agrees:
1. Not to utilize or reveal any private data of ISFH Foundation to another person or party at any given point of time.
2. Not to prepare any documents, facsimiles or distinct replicas containing data files of private information of ISFH Foundation.
3. To practice all other sufficient norms to conserve the privacy and confidentiality of the privileged information of ISFH Foundation.
4. Not to share any contact information and sales information about the ISFH Founders or its vendors, customers, advisors, mentors, assistance providers or counsellors.
5. To conserve all necessary details and information about ISFH Foundation compliance with favourable laws. This includ knowledge of licenses, permissions, approvals or consents applied for, requested by, consented to or rejected to the ISFH Foundation.
6. Data about all filings and official submissions made by the ISFH Foundation to governmental authorities and the content of the discussion and communication by the ISFH Foundation with such authorities
7. Data related to the ISFH Foundation, its existing and upcoming products, services, business strategy, Marketing Campaigns details, terms of engagement with its vendors or customers, pricing data, payment and refund policies and plan, business plans, users/founders/customers data, policies and plans which directly and indirectly related to the ISFH Foundation.
8. Any data, documents, sketches, designs, plans, drawings, photographs, reports, communication, technical information, information about Intellectual Property Rights, user information, compilation, subscription details, asset information, know-how, research and development, internal policies.
9. Every proficiency related to the ISFH Foundation. Starting from technology, software, hardware, code, design, business strategy, business plan, internal systems, and business architecture.
10. Financial data, in particular, concerning budgets, fees and revenue calculations, sales figures, bonus plans, financial statements, profit expectations and inventories of the ISFH Foundation
11. Activity data, especially documents, videos, photographs, website data, Procedures, multimedia files, presentations and other significant training aids that the Customer have a permit to during his/her coalition with the ISFH Foundation.
12. Security information (encompassing passwords, login credentials) used to access any resource acquired or regulated by the ISFH Foundation, its associates, consumers or third- party deputies.
13. Customer or user data, user credits, user analytics, user tendencies, response data. a) Any information which may be relatively appreciated by its nature, or by the context of its exposure, to be confidential;
b) Any data originated from any of the above- mentioned information.
c) Original information stocked by the ISFH Foundation or data delivered to the ISFH Foundation by third parties which the ISFH Foundation is obliged to protect.
14. Refusal of postings about other corporations or other business opportunities or strategies, containing their links.
15. Elimination of sharing, broadcasting of statements that reflects a race, sex, caste, religion, political agenda, team rivalry and cross-recruiting as well.
16. Partake in beneficial online conversations and utilize our promising judgment when publishing to external or internal social media.


1.1 The Customer approves that during the period of this act with the ISFH Foundation, shall/she shall have a permit to Private Data through verbal, visual, electronic or composed means.
1.2 The consumer appreciates and acknowledges that the Private Data is of tremendous importance to the ISFH Foundation, it’s Affiliates to its present, past or prospective clients. The consumer understands that any use or exposure of such Private Data comprising any inadvertent disclosure can cause immense and uncorrectable harm, loss, damage and injury to the ISFH Foundation and its Affiliates and its prestige and thus attempts to maintain such Private Data.
1.3 The Customer approves and embarks that at all times during the term of this Term of use and subsequently on ending of this Term of use for whatever explanation to hold in the stringent confidence, and not to use, except for the advantage of the ISFH Foundation and its Affiliates, and completely abstain from in any manner divulging, debating, publishing, or otherwise releasing, the Private Data to any third party or in any expression directly or indirectly using the Private Data without the written permission of the ISFH Foundation.
1.4. The customer recognises that the ISFH Foundation and its Affiliates have obtained and, in the chance, will obtain from third parties, data that would be private and proprietary in essence to such third parties, during the term of usage.

Payment Policy

Registered customers are eligible to make all necessary payments for the products and services offered by ISFH Foundation. However, the payments are subjected to be processed only by using the offered systems on the website.
Payment policies of ISFH Foundation are flexibly structured. The same is thus subjectable to change periodically by the company as per business strategies and plans (as and when required).