ISFH Foundation Return Policy

Refund Policy

ISFH Foundation is designed to be used by the people residing in India. Our non-profit services are for the Republic of India (India) and are based on this nation’s laws. India Stands For Humanity Foundation renounces all liability and accountability for using this ISFH Foundation Website from other countries.Our refund policy is designed to resonate with any member who is not satisfied with the company’s services at any point within 30 days of their usage. The refund process will take place according to the company refund policy mentioned here.

Refund Process

Any registered member at ISFH Foundation is subjected to claim his/her refund within 30 days of registration, through the proper filing of our refund form and submitting an email to the registered email address. The member is free to claim his/her refund without the hassle of any hassle within the mention time period of thirty days of their registration. Suppose all criteria of the policy are met. The refund will be made within the time period of one to three business or banking days. A member must also avail three days added time for the refund credited to show in their books.