Food Distribution

Fight Hunger with ISFH Foundation

ISFH Foundation food distribution majorly focuses on quality, hygiene, and nutrition. The organization runs the hunger relief program across 29 states of India by extending services from remote to rural regions where the hunger severity is higher.
Eating good food is the top most criteria to lead a healthy life. ISFH Foundation began its hunger relief service through the Janaki Feeding Movement. The program serves fresh and quality meals to the needy and marginalized communities deprived of food. The food service of ISFH distributes meals to the hunger and malnutrition victims in India.
We fight hunger by supplying healthy meals that impact building good immunity to combat malnutrition and health diseases. Anybody suffering from Hunger in India can reach ISFH Foundation to rescue from hunger.
The Janaki Feeding Movement started to save lives by defeating chronic hunger, malnutrition and achieving social justice for everyone. You can support the feeding of hungry and deprived by joining as a member, volunteer, social ambassador, or partner with us. Give your support to Janaki Feeding Movement to stop the ill effects of hunger.

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