ISFH Foundation

ISFH Foundation is a non-profit organization that dreams of the brightest possible future of India. A unified nation of people living a healthy social life. All of us are well aware of our potential, but the contradictions of our limiting beliefs often push us back from taking required actions. However, unity does wonder and make all things possible. At ISFH Foundation, we have put this simple formula of unified India into action very modernly. Our platform smartly bridges the gap among people, using technological innovations. The company's earned profits directly contribute to welfare causes like income inequality, unemployment, poverty, child education, hunger, and health.

Welfare Plans

Interest for all is the major precedence that ISFH Foundation retains for itself. Improving the basic needs of people in the developing nation compels logical methods and adequate performance.  Children deserve quality education, healthful meals, and reliable health care services. Every citizen in the country is entitled to work and earn their part of earnings and combat scarcity.  Our organization has real-time plans to make things appear and alter the existing reality with abundance. Please take a look at what ISFH Foundation plans to make a difference and greet the actuality it thirsts.

Door-to-door surveys for individuals who willing to work or start a business. Providing raw materials and creating websites to help find appropriate jobs as per qualification.

Supporting small scale industries or local companies with raw material and required equipment to rocket launch their organization and initiate income equality.

Building homes and every basic necessity for poverty-stricken families. Ensuring to create enough jobs for those able and willing to work.

Digitalized classes, electronic equipment with free internet connectivity, accessible books, and school setups will soon avail free teachings for all students.

Janki Movement is set up to fight hunger. We intend to drive out 100% hunger from the nation. We promise to deliver free meals for every needy person every day.

Tulsi Movement will part free quality health checkups for all diseases.100% free health care clinics and Health insurance will enable everyone to seek services from private hospitals.

ISFH Foundations promises real-time results and massive national transformation, only after the execution of every small action. Our mindset and faith, fused with inspired action, make all things possible.

Joining Benefits

Dreams that we can strongly envision are the ones we hold in our hands. Every inspired action indeed starts with a dream. It requires great courage, strategic plans, proper execution to shape those dreams. However, at ISFH Foundation, we always give our valued members who make these dreams come true with precious time and active efforts. The benefits that our company avails are thus of great importance to our members and us as well. It is through these quality actions; we try to convey words of importance to all associated members. The list below precisely defines all benefits that a person enjoys as a confirmed member at ISFH Foundation.

  • The easy online registration process with a nominal one-time entry fee is all that one pays.
  • Every confirmed member registered on the ISFH website can add an unlimited number of people in their team to promote the cause.
  • Guaranteed gifts and ISFH merchandise is specially designed for all members, will reach their doorstep.
  • 100% of the company profits go for public welfare.
  • Our organization is totally developed in India and functions for major six welfare causes.
  • The organization is a remarkable career choice for all willing to join. No stated academic qualification exists.
  • One can choose to work from any part of the nation, for any amount of time. Choose smart work over hard work!
  • Join ISFH Foundation to make your country a superpower of tomorrow.

It is all about the choices we make that decides our destiny. You are always a choice away from your dream reality. ISFH Foundation avails you the opportunity to create the life of your dreams; make sure to make the most out of it.

" Welfare's purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence. "